Zine | 2014 | Various 2-colored Risography prints and B/W-Laser | Paper: Munken Print Creme | 19 x 13,2 cm | 26 pages | Edition: 194

A reflection on the estonian expression "Nonii", almost translatable to "well, so..." in text, illustration and photography.

"nonii" is a filler word in estonian, uttered in pauses of conversations, actions and thoughts.

"nonii" is the battle cry of change, not a rhetorical promised change, but actual change, personal change of everyday life that materializes through my actions.

"nonii" is my brain in a pause, it marks the end of a process, the beginning of a new.

"nonii" is neutral. it doesn't confirm the success or failure of the last thought/action and it doesn't predict the content/type of the next.