Shilly-Shally #2

Collaborative Zine | 2014 | 14,2 x 20,1cm | 58 Pages | 3-coloured Risograph printed content, 2-coloured screenprinted cover | 18 Contributors |Edition: 200

A colaborative zine on indecision and doubt, curated and printed by Matthias Conrady.

„Shilly-Shally“ is an aberration of the Phrase „Shall I…?“, mocking the incompetence of not being able to make a decision and disregarding the qualities and powers of this situation.
We appreciate the moment of Shilly-Shally! We think about it‘s potential and depth, we explore it‘s risks and dangers instead of avoiding it! We do all this without getting caught up in a state of apathy. Indecisiveness does not imply inactivity.
Shilly-Shally is productive!

„Shilly-Shally“ is more than „Shall I …?“ or „Shall I not …?“ It‘s more than avoiding the decision, more than taking the decision, more than finding a compromise.
Shilly-Shally is the spirit of decision.
It‘s the ghost of the decision you once took, the undead cadaver of the decision you avoided to take, the unborn fetus of the decision that never had to be taken. It‘s the discussion these human specters are having and the consequences they draw from their encounter.
In the second edition of „Shilly-Shally“ we try to get in the middle of this wondrous gathering, we work on the border between the real and the surreal, between the living and the dead, the unliving and undead.
We empower incertitude!

  • Luis Fernando Medina C (luscious)
  • Matthias Conrady with Jairo Pinilla
  • Miriam Gossing
  • Jeremy Lonien
  • Marianela Leguizamón
  • RaumZeitPiraten
  • Elisa Balmaceda
  • Patrick Buhr
  • Mikula Lüllwitz
  • Miguel de la Riva
  • Julia Stefanovici
  • Torben Röse
  • Karin Demuth
  • Marie-Claire Delarber
  • Ale Bachlechner
  • Lara Plüschke
  • Eli Roland Sachs