Shilly-Shally #1

Collaborative Zine | 2013 | 10,2 x 14cm | 38 Pages | 3-coloured Risograph printing | 20 Contributors | Edition: 220

A colaborative zine on indecision and doubt, curated and printed by Matthias Conrady.

„Shilly-Shally“ is a linguistic mutation of the consideration „Shall I. . .?“ It describes the state of not being able to take said decision and is mostly expressed to push the decision-maker out of that state and into one of the possible paths.
We appreciate the moment of Shilly-Shally! We think about its potential and depth, we explore its risks and dangers instead of leaving it as fast as possible!
We do all this without getting caught up in a state of apathy. Indecisiveness does not imply inactivity.
Shilly-Shally is productive!

  • Akif Büyükatalay
  • Miriam Gossing
  • Anna Heinzig
  • Tomo Jacobson
  • Olatz Otalora
  • Lena Ditte Nissen
  • Elí Roland Sachs
  • Lukasz Pethe
  • Selma Gültoprak
  • Linda Franke
  • Peter Beyer
  • David Konkol
  • Karin Demuth
  • Simon Conrady
  • Matthias Conrady
  • Ale Bachlechner
  • Camilo Colmenares
  • Carolina Arciniegas
  • Lia Suderman
  • Lara Plueschke